AGM Nov 2020 Minutes

  Minutes of Meeting at    Brighton & Worthing Badminton Association, held via Zoom  
  Date    11th November 2020  
Meeting Purpose     Annual General Meeting    
    Those Clubs Present      Arcadians, Brighton Bats, Brighton Valiants,  Bognor, Chanctonbury, Chichester, Forest, Hassocks, Homestead, Littlehampton, Longhill, Seaside Smashers, Stanford Penguins, Steyning Phoenix, Virgin, Juniors      
1.     Apologies   Lancing, Chi Wing  
 Distribution                             All Clubs in the Brighton & Worthing League    
Item No 
 The Chairman welcomed everyone to the 2nd AGM of the Brighton & Worthing Badminton Association.   Everyone was put on mute except the Committee member speaking. Everyone was asked to put any questions or comments in the “chat”.  
2.Minutes of the last Meeting & Matters Arising
 Minutes from the last AGM were agreed.    
3.Matters Arising  
4.Election of Officers
 The Officers proposed by the Committee are now appointed, as no one else had put themselves forward prior to the meeting.   Anyone interested in being a general committee member was asked to make themselves known.   The following were proposed and seconded. Phil Lim – Brighton Bats (Proposed by David Taylor, seconded by Sara Addison) Ian Shek – Stanford Penguins (Proposed by Paul Fletcher, seconded by Val Trysted) Andrew Lock – Homestead (Proposed by Sara Addison, seconded by Julia Alkema)  
5.Chairmans’ Report
 Current website address is This will change to in the next few weeks.   The Instagram profile is @brightonworthingbaddersleague   We are also looking into changing the name of the Facebook Page from Worthing Badminton League to Brighton and Worthing Badminton Leagues.  
6.Secretary’s Report
 A reminder to clubs to advise if their contact details have changed.   Minutes from this meeting will be circulated to all clubs and placed on the website. Highlights from committee meetings will also be put on the website, as will the Joint Association Rules.   The 3 series will not go ahead this season. Hopefully it will return in 2021/22.  
7.Treasurer’s Report
 Accounts have been signed off by Steve Webber our Accounts Examiner. These were shared onscreen for everyone to view.   Brighton League bank account has £3504.60 & £78 in savings Worthing league bank account has £827.99.  
8.League Secretary’s Report
 2019/2020 league was made void due to Covid 19. Trophies/ certificates were not awarded and no movement of teams between divisions.   The plan is to restart the league in September 2021. Any requests for teams to change divisions will be looked into.   The new platform is working well and will continue to be used.   The committee encourage clubs to arrange friendly matches when restrictions allow, but to ensure that correct guidelines are followed. The committee will not be organising any friendly matches for clubs.  
9.Proposed new rule: Clubs should address individuals’ complaints. Club complaints regarding matches or fixtures should be emailed to the League Secretary, club complaints not related to matches or fixtures should be emailed to the Secretary. The committee will then look into these.  
 It was agreed at the meeting that this rule would be added to the Joint Association Rules  
 Ian from Littlehampton asked about BE club membership. The committee recommended that all clubs renew membership to support BE, keep informed and for the insurance cover.   Paul from Homestead asked if clubs should insist that individuals pay membership. The committee encourages this.  
 Close of Meeting 8.35 pm.

The Young Coach Academy for Sussex is back!

The Young Coach Academy for Sussex is back!

The Youth Sport Trust have relaunched the programme this year and have asked us to target at least 30 young people between 14-19 yrs of age (in particular girls!)  who show promise in leadership and / or coaching in your schools, clubs and / or local sports clubs. 

The YCA (Young Coach Academy) is about harnessing that passion and enthusiasm shown by your young leaders / coaches and taking them a step further on the coaching pathway. 

The attached covering letter and application form (pdf or word) gives some more details, but essentially we would like you to help promote this opportunity by identifying and assisting any interested young people you know or work with. The more the merrier, we have a higher target to hit this year!

We have set a deadline of the 8th November for the students to return the applications.  They must be returned to me at or posted to Mid Sussex Active, St Pauls Catholic College, Jane Murray Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8GA. 

The students will be notified by the 22nd November to let them know if they have been successful with their application. 

The Launch event will take place on 10th Dec, 5-8pm at St Pauls Catholic College, you are welcome to attend with your nominated students but it is not compulsory. There is a small cost attached to the programme (£50), but any students who may struggle to afford this can approach me for bursary assistance.

Thank you for helping to promote the Sussex Young Coach Academy and I look forward to receiving applications from your schools and sports networks.

Kind regards,

Holly Prescott

YCA Lead for Sussex.

Holly Prescott

PE and Sport Strategic Manager

Mid Sussex Active

Please note, my usual working days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.