Chris and Janice Byerley

Following the presentation of the Matt Page Trophy this year to Chris and Janice Byerley, we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and mark Chris and Janice’s effort, support, determination, skill, stability and nurturing that they offer to our young players. It provides the children and young adults with the confidence both on court and off, enabling them to fulfil other areas of their lives. Running a junior club week in, week out takes a huge commitment, giving up precious free time both evenings and weekends, whilst they were working and bringing up their own children.

Chris and Janice are responsible for a large number of children who are now adults who love and play badminton, they have taught them sportsmanship and that winning is great but the taking part is more important. They have given up their free time and ferried junior teams around Sussex at their own cost, giving them coaching and support at matches.

We have heard many grateful comments. Here are a few which sum up the impact they have had on Worthing players: –

Chris and Janice have been there for me from the beginning of my badminton life, they have taught me over many years how to be the best badminton player I can be, I would not be where I am today without their support. They have helped shape who I am as a person on and off the court and for that I will be forever grateful to them. So for these reasons I just want to say Thank you very much and hope you keep on making a difference to other young people’s lives as you have to mine.

I was brought up at Worthing Juniors with Chris and Janice’s predecessor, Vic Browne and when my daughters were old enough they attended Worthing Juniors with Chris and Janice. Thank you for all the support and coaching you gave them and for continuing to run a Junior club offering badminton to the young people of Worthing, which has been around for over 40 years.

We would like to say a big thank you to Chris and Janice for all their hard work and dedication to Worthing Juniors over the years. Not only has Chris been an amazing coach and taught us how to play badminton to a good level but the time they both dedicate to running sessions and taking the team to matches shows true dedication. Without the efforts of Chris and Janice there would be a lot less junior badminton players in Worthing.

We should not and cannot underestimate the contribution that they have made to the children of Worthing. They are the voice for the junior players.


On behalf of the entire badminton community of Worthing,


Thank you Chris and Janice