Ladies’ Social Division

We are hoping to introduce a Ladies’ Social Division next season. It will be completely separate to the existing ladies’ divisions. If you have:

  • any ladies playing at your club who have given up playing league for whatever reason
  • any ladies who play for fun and have never considered competing
  • any teenage girls who are social players or doing GCSE sport

These are the ladies we are hoping will enter this new division. You could even enter with friends from other clubs or even your children, then you can pick your own unique team name.

If you are already playing through a club then you will pay your Badminton England affiliation through that club. If, however, you decide to get a team together with people who don’t play for an affiliated club (eg schoolgirls, friends, No Strings players etc.) you will be able to affiliate through the league “Social Hub Club” that we will be setting up for that purpose.

If you are independent of a club you will have to find courts and buy shuttles between you but there won’t be many matches so the cost won’t be too high.

Hopefully this will appeal to some women who have never thought about playing competitively. We all have friends who say they “used” to play, this is the time to get them into it and to be proactive so that we can grow our ladies’ participation together.

There will be no promotion or relegation between the social division and the main division so no chance of facing “scary” teams. (You know who you are!)

We would like to get 4 teams in each of the Worthing and Brighton leagues to start with, if possible.

We would also like a keen volunteer to set up a Facebook page for the social division so you can share pictures and stories from the games.

If you are interested in knowing more about the potential social division, please contact:

This proposal is only a suggestion, investment from Badminton England club funding could be obtained to cover the majority of the costs and support this initiative. Julia is just keen to understand whether we, as a league, would want to create an opportunity to support the growth of league badminton by increasing women badminton players.