Missing Brighton Scoresheets

Below is a list of fixtures that are currently outstanding from the Brighton league tables. Apologies if you’ve contacted me about them and I’ve missed something.

Could the home teams send in the missing sheets as soon as possible please? Anything not received by the end of April will default to the away team.



Brighton Mixed Div 1

Lancing vs Brighton Bats 23/10

Hassocks vs Steyning

Hassocks vs Brighton Bats

Hassocks vs Homestead

Brighton Men’s Div 1

Nondescripts vs Horsham Arun 6/10

Nondescripts vs Club Foot 8/12

Club Foot vs Hassocks 14/1

Club Foot vs Homestead 11/2

Nondescripts vs Homestead 2/3

Brighton Bats vs Club Foot 19/3

Brighton Ladies

Steyning vs Brighton Bats 28/2

Homestead vs Hassocks 2 28/2

Steyning vs Homestead 7/3

Hassocks 2 vs Virgin Brighton 29/3

Virgin Brighton vs Homestead 1/4

Brighton Mixed Combi

Forest vs Hassocks 11/12

Southover vs Brighton Bats 26/1

Virgin Brighton vs Southover 30/1

Virgin Brighton vs Brighton Bats 6/3

Brighton Men’s Combi Div 1

Arctic Spas vs Steyning 20/10

Virgin Brighton vs Arctic Spas 16/11

Club Foot vs Arctic Spas 3/12

Virgin Brighton vs Club Foot 14/12

Virgin Brighton vs Steyning 11/1

Arctic Spas vs Hassocks 23/2

Arctic Spas vs Club Foot 2/3

Steyning vs Arctic Spas 14/3

Brighton Men’s Combi Div 2

Arctic Spas 2 vs Lewes 1/12

Brighton Bats vs Stanford Penguins 7/2

Stanford Penguins vs Crawley 2/3

Lindfield vs Brighton Bats 13/10

Lindfield vs Lewes 15/12

Crawley vs Lewes 1/3