Missing Scoresheets

This is a list of the scoresheets that I am currently missing. I know some of you have contacted me about some of them and it’s entirely possible that some have been sent in somehow and I’ve missed them. However, as things stand, the home clubs are at risk of being penalised for these matches (unless you’ve contacted me about them already). Please send in any that you have on this list before the end of April as that is when the league tables will be finalised (I know a few matches have been agreed to be played in early May.)


X = mixed

M = men’s

L = ladies’

C = combi

BX1: 3/5 Homestead vs Lancing

BX1: 4/5 Hassocks vs Homestead

BM1: 30/4 Club Foot vs Horsham Arun

BM2: 27/2 Homestead 2 vs Forest

BMC2: 17/3 Lewes vs Brighton Bats

WXC1: 19/3 Club Foot vs Homestead

WLC2: 26/4 Littlehampton vs Stanford Penguins

WXC2: 27/4 Southwater vs West Worthing