Worthing & Brighton fixtures meeting – Proposal

The fixtures meetings last year were not as well attended as we would have hoped causing frustration for the clubs that do attend and also making the logistics of arranging and monitoring fixtures more problematic throughout the season.
This was discussed at the committee meetings and the two following ideas have been suggested:
1) Having a single combined fixtures meeting, hopefully somewhere roughly between Worthing and Brighton and asking all clubs to attend.
2) This fixtures meeting would be compulsory attendance with a point penalty in the following season, of amount to be decided, for teams that do not attend.
Although the committees appreciate that people are away on holidays or busy with other commitments, we are only asking for one person from each club to attend on one evening once a year to arrange fixtures. If everybody attended the meeting the fixture process would run much more smoothly and we would not be left with frustrated clubs turning up at the fixtures meeting only to discover that none of their opposing teams have come.
This is purely a proposal at this stage and will be discussed at the AGMs for both leagues.
I would really appreciate any thoughts that each club has on this suggestion even if it’s just a “Great plan” or “Absolutely not”.
Hope you are all looking forward to the last month of the season or possibly more to hitting the beach afterwards…
Best wishes,