Player Lists and Badminton England affiliation

Could all clubs please e-mail the list of the players that you would like to register for the Worthing or Brighton leagues to or In addition, I would be grateful to have the contact details for your fixtures secretary or any other representatives sent with the list. I will try to keep those updated for all on this website.

These must be received BEFORE playing any fixtures for this season.

Those clubs who have more than one team in a particular category will also need to provide two nominated players for each 4-player team and three for each 6-player team. These nominated players are only eligible to play for the higher team and should be the strongest players. Furthermore, please be aware of the fact that any player who plays for a higher team on three occasions will be tied into that higher team from that point onwards and no longer eligible for the lower team. The league rules are unchanged from last year. I will put an updated set on the website shortly.

In the case of Littlehampton who have three teams in one category. I will need three players nominated for the A team and three nominated for the B team.

Feel free to contact me with any queries on player eligibility.

Finally, please do try to register players with Badminton England as promptly as you can. I appreciate that it is far from always being a simple process. In past seasons the committees have been relatively relaxed about the late affiliation of players but we are intending to be slightly stricter this year and the last thing we want to do is to penalise clubs for ineligible/unaffiliated players. Again, please contact me if any concerns.

Good luck for the new season.