Singles ladder

Entries received so far:

Chris Jones

Elissa Seddon

Richard Jones

Hannah Seagraves

Jack Occleshaw

Paul Garner

Matt Reed

Ben Timms

Tom Knowles

Malcolm Jellows

Amber Roberts

Rico Shergill

Format plan

I want this system to be as simple as possible to administer and I have come up with the following plan.

  1. A ladder system will operate rather than a knockout.
  2. Each player may challenge any other player at any point or not at all. Both players must agree to play the match. 
  3. There is no set format to the match and can be as many games as both players agree at the outset.
  4. The results should be sent to the league secretary immediately following the match.
  5. Each player starts the league with 10pts.
  6. The two players bring their existing points to the match but take away points in proportion to the points that they win in the singles match.


Player A comes into match with 10 pts, Player B comes into match with 12 pts.

If they play out a close 21-19, 17-21, 22-20 the 22 pts (10 + 12) are spread equally between the two players (as they both scored the same number of points) so both would come out with 11pts and their positions in the ladder would be adjusted accordingly.

Alternatively, if Player A wins comfortably 21-12, 21-12, Player A will take away a larger share of the points (21/33 x 22 = 14) and Player B will take away a smaller share of the points (12/33 x 22 = 8).


Advantages of this system:

  1. New players can join or existing players can leave at any point.
  2. There are no complex rules around who must play who and when.
  3. It should not be an advantage to have played more or less often than others.